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Firm, The
Tom Cruise, Jeanne Tripplehorn

Warner Bros., 2000

Tom Cruise Gene Hackman Holly Hunter. A Harvard law school grad happily signs on with a top Memphis law firm never suspecting the sinister truth behind its gracious exterior. 1993/color/154 min/R/widescreen.


Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Steve Martin, Michael Caine

Fox Searchlight, 2001

One's got a sophisticated, suave and debonair con act. The other's got...well, an act. Together, Steve Martin and Michael Caine are Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and they're absolutely ruining the Riviera in this "hilarious battle of wits and double-crosses" (Boxoffice) that "couldn't be more delightful" (The Wall Street Journal)! Martin is Freddy Benson, a smalltime conman sleazing his way through Europe on whatever handouts he can scam. Caine is ...


The Reader   


The Right Stuff   




The Right Stuff
Scott Glenn, Jeff Goldblum

Warner Home Video, 2011

In the middle of the 20th century, America pondered its future - and looked to the skies. Based on Tom Wolfe's book, The Right Stuff is the tale of how that future began, a thrilling epic of intrepid test pilot Chuck Yeager and the seven pioneering astronauts of the Project Mercury space program. Philip Kaufman scripts and directs, pushing the envelope with a filmmaking bravado that matches this soaring story of training and heroism; and of ...


Airplane! [HD]   


The Right Stuff (30th Anniversary Edition) [Blu-ray]
Scott Glenn, Jeff Goldblum

Warner Home Video, 2013

The time was the late 1940s. World War II had just ended and the United States was entering into a new kind of war, a Cold War. New technology and the development of high-speed aircraft became one of the centerpieces of this new kind of conflict. The race to space between the United States and the Soviet Union had just begun. Adapted from Tom Wolfe's best-selling book, The Right Stuff tells the heroic story of Chuck Yeager (the first person to ...


Chorus Line   


The Back Up Plan   


Dallas: Season 14
Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy

Warner Home Video, 2011

In its 14th and final season, Dallas goes out in a gusher of murders and kidnappings, lies and blackmail, seductions and schemes. J.R., Bobby and Cliff – three original characters so big only Big D could hold ’em – are at the heart of the action, surrounded by oil-country folks who joined the series over the years and a passel of dynamic newcomers. And of course there’s that Dallas hallmark, a white-knuckle cliffhanger. This time ...


The Running Man   


Abraham (The Bible Collection)
Richard Harris (i), Barbara Hershey

Turner Home Ent, 2005

Richard Harris, Barbara Hershey, Maximilian Schell. The humble and obedient Abraham hears God's words, agrees to sacrifice his son and travels to the Promised Land with a handful of followers facing famine, thirst, war and the might of Pharaoh to fulfill his foretold destiny. 1994/color/3 hrs., 7 min/NR.


Freaky Friday
Barbara Harris, Jodie Foster

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, 2004

Now experience all the laughs of the original comedy classic that inspired Disney's hilarious hit remake. Trading places was never so funny, and it could only happen on Friday the 13th! That's when the tomboyish and free-spirited Annabel (Jodie Foster) switches bodies with her straitlaced mother, Ellen (Barbara Harris), and suddenly finds herself responsible for running the entire household. In turn, Ellen, now in her daughter's body, faces the ...


The North Avenue Irregulars
Edward Herrmann, Barbara Harris

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, 2004

There's magic in the memories as great Disney moments are captured right here for you and your family to enjoy. The new preacher in town joins forces with the most unlikely group of organized crime fighters anyone has ever dreamed up -- six lady church members who are dedicated, eager, ready, willing ... everything but organized! The result is an action-packed comic caper that's as funny as any Disney comedy ever filmed!


Freaky Friday (1977)   


The Midnight Meat Train   


The Firm   


Valley of the Dolls (Special Edition)
Barbara Parkins, Patty Duke

Fox Searchlight, 2006

Lured by their dreams of fame and fortune, three ambitious young women enter the world of show business and discover how easy it is to sink into a celebrity nightmare of ego, alcohol and 'pills' - the beloved "dolls." A prim New Englander (Barbara Parkins) unexpectedly skyrockets from her job as secretary in a talent agency to a glamorous TV model. A determined singer (Patty Duke) finds that Hollywood success can also spell self-destruction. ...


It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World   



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