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High Road to China
Tom Selleck, Bess Armstrong

Henstooth Video, 2012

Take the high road to adventure with Tom Selleck and Bess Armstrong in this freewheeling action-comedy set in the Roaring Twenties. Selleck stars as Patrick O'Malley, a boozing, washed-up aviator who meets his match when he's hired by a high-strung heiress to find her long lost father. They make their way eastward in O'Malley's WWI biplane, surviving narrow escapes, last second rescues, and combat with warlords along the way. But nothing tops ...


Nothing In Common   


Jaws 3-Movie Collection
Roy Scheider, Dennis Quaid

Universal Studios, 2015

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…all 3 sequels from one of the most successful blockbusters of all time are featured in the Jaws 3-Movie Collection. Years after being terrorized by a great white shark, the vacationers on Amity Island begin disappearing again in an all-too-familiar fashion and seek the help of Police Chief Brody (Roy Scheider) in Jaws 2. In Jaws 3, tourists marvel at the new “Undersea Kingdom”, a ...


Jaws 3   


Jekyll & Hyde...Together Again   


Lace (Warner Brothers Archive Collection)
Phoebe Cates, Bess Armstrong

Warner Bros., 2010

Beautiful, embittered Lili (Phoebe Cates) has clawed her way from porno princess to international film idol. She has money, fame, everything she wants - everything except revenge. Abandoned as a baby, Lili is determined to find, and destroy, her long-lost mother. She's narrowed the candidate list down to three former boarding-school friends, all of whom have gone on to exciting and privileged lives. And one of whom is about to be very, very ...


Jaws 3
Dennis Quaid, Bess Armstrong

Universal Studios, 2003

Dennis Quaid, Bess Armstrong, Simon MacCorkindale and Academy Award winner Louis Gossett Jr. star in the most terrifying Jaws adventure ever. Everyone at Florida's Sea World is thrilled with the new "Undersea Kingdom," a maze of underwater plexiglass tunnels that permits visitors to get closer to marine life than ever before. The opening ceremonies include many important guests… and one uninvited baby shark who accidentally enters the park's ...


Second Sight   


That Darn Cat (1997)   


This Girl For Hire   


Second Sight (1989)
John Larroquette, Bronson Pinchot

LOR, 2010

How do you solve the mysterious case of which comedy to watch? Which one has the hippest humor? The hottest talents? The wildest one-liners? The answer's easy. Use a little Second Sight and it's case closed. Because Second Sight's squad of supernatural super sleuths can only mean super fun! John Larroquette (four-time Emmy? Award-winning star of Night Court) and Bronson Pinchot (Beverly Hills Cop, Perfect Strangers) team up with otherworld ...


That Darn Cat
Christina Ricci, Doug E. Doug

Walt Disney Home Video, 2003

Get ready for a purrr-fectly hilarious comedy adventure starring Christina Ricci (THE ADDAMS FAMILY) and Doug E. Doug (OPERATION DUMBO DROP). When her faithful tomcat D.C. (aka "Darn Cat") brings home an important clue to a mysterious kidnapping, 16-year-old Patti Randall finds her ho-hum hometown suddenly turned into a hotbed of criminal excitement! And when she teams up with rookie FBI Agent Kelso to try to solve the baffling crime ... these ...


Danielle Steel's: Mixed Blessings
Gabrielle Carteris, Scott Baio

Starz / Anchor Bay, 2005

Three newly married couples want to start a family. However, there are a few complications, for Brad & Pilar, it's time, not only are they both very mature, Brad already has grown up daughter and is about to have a baby of her own. For Andy & Diana, it would be difficult for her to conceive, so they explore other options, like surrogacy and adoption. And for Charlie and Beth, it's the fact that he wants to be a father but she is not sure ...


Her Best Friend's Husband
Jean Abounader, Waris Hussein

Fisher Klingenstein Films, 2001

Jane Thornton (Cheryl Ladd) is a successful attorney coping with the loss of her husband. For the first time since his death, she is visiting her best friends Mandy (Bess Armstrong) and Will (William R. Moses). Years ago, Jane and Will were lovers. When their romance ended, Jane introduced Will to Mandy, and they've been happily married ever since - or so Jane thinks. Soon after her arrival, Jane senses something is wrong between them. Mandy ...


My So-Called Life: Complete Series
Bess Armstrong, Wilson Cruz

Bmg Special Product, 2002

For the first time ever, all 19 episodes of the critically-acclaimed television show My So-Called Life, starring Claire Danes, are available in one 5 disc DVD box set. Her portrayal of Angela Chase, the angst-ridden, introspective teen earned Clare Danes a Golden Globe. Even today, after being off the air since early 1995, the show has thousands of fans all around the world.


Diamond Men
Robert Forster, Donnie Wahlberg

Lions Gate, 2003

Eddie is an aging traveling diamond salesman working the back roads of Pennsylvania. He’s developed longstanding relationships with his clients and prides himself in his knowledge of the trade. After a heart attack, management deems him too high a risk to be carrying the expensive collection of diamonds. His last assignment is to train a rookie salesman, Bobby, whose cocky sales tactics promise to estrange Eddie's long-standing clientele. ...


The Skate Board Kid
Timothy Busfield, Bess Armstrong

New Concorde, 2002

Zack is bored he's the new kid in town with no friends in sight. Until he meets a skateboard - that talks.


Student Bodies and Jekyll & Hyde Together Again [Blu-ray]
Kristen Riter (Student Bodies), Matt Goldsby (Student Bodies)

Legend Films, 2011

The laughs are as big as the 'terror' in these two spoof comedy hits: Student Bodies and Jekyll and Hyde Together Again. Boasting as the 'Original Teen Horror Comedy', Student Bodies follows the crazed serial murderer 'The Breather' as he picks off sex-starved students one-by-one with everything from paperclips, to a chalkboard eraser, to a horsehead bookend! You'll never look at horror movies the same again once you take in this original ...


Jekyll And Hyde Together Again
Mark Blankfield, Bess Armstrong

Legend Films, 2008

The movie that made Robert Louis Stevenson spin in his grave! Mark Blankfield delivers a manic turn as both Jekyll and Hyde in a farce that will appeal to fans of Mel Brooks and the Zucker Brothers. Henry Jekyll is a well-respected scientist who discovers a way to isolate man's "animal instinct." The only problem is that his inner animal turns out to be a gold-toothed, hairy-chested party-animal named Mr. Hyde. The classic struggle between good ...


Edward Furlong, Christina Ricci

New Line Home Video, 1999

Pecker (DVD) (WS)



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