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Moyers & Company: And Justice for Some
Bill Moyers, Bryan Stevenson

Acorn Media, 2013

Fifty years ago, the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in the case of Gideon v. Wainwright established the constitutional right of criminal defendants to legal representation, even if they can’t afford it. The Court ruled there shouldn’t be one kind of justice for the rich and another for the poor, but the scales of the American legal system still tilt heavily in favor of the white and wealthy. Attorney and legal scholar Bryan Stevenson ...


Power of The Past With Bill Moyers: Florence
Bill Moyers

PBS, 2008

Guided by art historians and Florentine citizens, Bill Moyers tours the city's rich Renaissance legacy, seeking the sources of our common artistic, architectural, and cultural heritage. Interviews with novelist Umberto Eco and filmmaker Franco Zeffirelli help explore the centuries-old roots of key contemporary ideas, such as the preeminence of the individual. Moyers also views masterpieces by Michelangelo and frescoes in the Brancacci Chapel.


Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth (6pc) [VHS]
Joseph Campbell, Bill Moyers

Mystic Fire Video, 1998

Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth is essential viewing for anyone old enough to appreciate its vital teachings. One of the greatest interviews ever recorded, this six-part, six-hour encounter between teacher- mythologist Campbell and student-journalist Bill Moyers (recorded in the two years preceding Campbell's death in 1988) covers a galaxy of topics related to Campbell's central themes: Mythology is humanity's universal method of seeking ...


Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth, Vol. 2 - The Message of [VHS]
Joseph Campbell, Bill Moyers

Mystic Fire Video, 1998

An exhilarating journey into the mind and spirit of a remarkable man, a legendary teacher, and a masterful storyteller, conducted by TV journalist Bill Moyers in the acclaimed PBS series. 2.The Message of the Myth Campbell compares the creation story in Genesis with creation stories from around the world. Because the world changes, religion has to be transformed and new mythologies created. People today are stuck with myths that don't fit their ...


Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media   


Joseph Campbell's The Power of Myth, Volume 6: The Masks of Eternity [VHS]
Joseph Campbell, Bill Moyers

Mystic Fire Video, 1998

An exhilarating journey into the mind and spirit of a remarkable man, a legendary teacher, and a masterful storyteller, conducted by TV journalist Bill Moyers in the acclaimed PBS series. 6.Masks of Eternity. Campbell provides challenging insights into the concepts of God, religion and eternity, as revealed in Christian teachings and the beliefs of Buddhists, Navajo Indians, Schopenhauer, Jung and others.


Joseph Campbell on Power of Myth With Bill Moyers
Joseph Campbell, George Lucas

Athena, 2010

The seminal PBS series on world mythology "Dazzling and still potently relevant" -- San Francisco Chronicle "Fascinating" -- The New York Times "Compelling" -- The Wall Street Journal "Stirring and elevating" -- Los Angeles Times These stimulating conversations between inspirational scholar Joseph Campbell and veteran journalist Bill Moyers created a national sensation when they first aired on public television. In lively, expansive ...


Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth
Joseph Campbell (III), Bill Moyers

Mystic Fire Video, 2001

An exhilarating journey into the mind and spirit of a remarkable man, a legendary teacher, and a masterful storyteller, conducted by TV journalist Bill Moyers in the acclaimed PBS series. Includes The Hero's Adventure, The Message of the Myth, The First Storytellers, Sacrifice and Bliss, Love and the Goddess, Masks of Eternity. 360 minutes.


Beyond Our Differences
Presented on Bill Moyers Journal

PBS, 2009

With all of the problems facing the world today, people are longing for meaning. Many find answers in religion or spirituality, but as a result faith and religion are often hijacked by those seeking to enhance their own power. With this dichotomy in mind, "Beyond Our Differences" calls upon key religious leaders, politicians, and luminaries in their fields and it asks what it is that inspires them to affect positive change.


Best Of Times   


Moyers & Company: Inequality for All
Bill Moyers, Robert Reich

Public Affairs Television, 2013

This week marks both the fifth anniversary of the fiscal meltdown that almost tanked the world economy and the second anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, the movement that sparked heightened public awareness of income inequality. Yet the crisis is worse than ever – in the first three years of the recovery, 95 percent of the economic gains have gone only to the top one percent of Americans. And the share of working people in the US who define ...


The Temp
Timothy Hutton, Lara Flynn Boyle

Paramount, 2002



Moyers & Company: A Mother Fights Toxic Trespassers
Bill Moyers, Sandra Steingraber

Public Affairs Television, 2013

Biologist, mother and activist Sandra Steingraber explains why she was willing to go to jail for blocking access to the construction of a storage and transportation facility involved in the controversial process of fracking. Steingraber has become internationally known for building awareness about the toxic trespassers she says are contaminating our air, water, and food -- and threatening our children's health. With government captured by the ...


This Reporter
David Halberstam, Peter Jennings

Docurama, 2005

Legendary journalist Edward R. Murrow is undoubtedly the first hero in the history of American broadcasting, a distinguished reporter who forever set the industry gold standard through his unparalleled courage, integrity and newsgathering excellence. From his electrifying World War II frontline coverage to his once-in-a-lifetime interviews with such prominent 20th century icons as John F. Kennedy, Louis Armstrong and Fidel Castro, Murrow truly ...


Bill Moyers: Amazing Grace   


The Public Mind with Bill Moyers: The Truth About Lies
Bill Moyers

Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 1994

One of a four part series on how the public mind is manipulated by those who would deceive it. Other titles in the series are Leading Questions, Consuming Images, and Illusions of News.


Healing & the Mind (Programs 1-5)
Bill Moyers

Ambrose Video Publishing, 2009

Ancient medical science told us our minds and bodies are one. So did philosophers of old. Now modern science and new research are helping us to understand these connections. In Healing and the Mind, Bill Moyers talks with physicians, scientists, therapists, and patients people who are taking a new look at the meaning of sickness and health. In a five part series of fascinating and provocative interviews, he discusses their search for answers ...


The Face: Jesus in Art
Edward Herrmann, Stacy Keach

Questar, 2008

Narrated by Mel Gibson, Edward Herrmann, Star Herrmann, Stacy Keach, Juliet Mills, Ricardo Montalban, Bill Moyers, and Patricia Neal, this Emmy-winning program, as seen on public television, traces the dramatically different ways in which Jesus has been represented in art by people throughout history and around the world. Spanning the early 3rd century to the present, this sweeping program is an unprecedented travelogue of art and monuments. ...


Dawn of the Dead / George A. Romero's Land of the Dead / Halloween II / The People Under the Stairs Four ...
Sarah Polley, Simon Baker

Universal Studios, 2012

Dawn of the Dead: When a mysterious virus turns people into mindless, flesh-eating zombies, a handful of survivors wage a desperate, last-stand battle to stay alive...and human.   George A. Romero’s Land of the Dead: Humanity’s last remnants are battling to survive the unspeakable truth: The ravenous zombie hordes besieging their fortified city…are evolving!   Halloween II: John Carpenter’s masterpiece picks up precisely where its ...


Sister Wendy in Conversation with Bill Moyers [VHS]
Sister Wendy Beckett, Bill Moyers

Wgbh / Pbs, 1998

Meet Sister Wendy Beckett, Britain's self-taught nun turned international celebrity, in this rare television interview with one of America's best-known television commentators, Bill Moyers. Sister Wendy shares her views on looking at art, living in seclusion and falling into the role of a television star.



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