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Judgment at Nuremberg
Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster

MGM (Video & DVD), 2004

Nominated* for eleven Academy AwardsÂ(r), including Best Picture, Judgment at Nuremberg is "magnificent" (Los Angeles Times), "continuously exciting" (The New Yorker) andboasts brilliant performances by an all-star cast. American judge Dan Haywood (Spencer Tracy) presides over the trial of four German jurists accused of "legalizing" Nazi atrocities. But as graphic accounts of sterilization and murder unfold in the courtroom, mounting ...


The Alamo
Laurence Harvey, Richard Widmark

MGM (Video & DVD), 2000

John Wayne produces, directs and stars in this "bigger than life" (Life) chronicle of one ofthe most remarkable events in American history. At the Alamoa crumbling adobe mission185 exceptional men joined together in a sacred pact: they would stand firm against an army of 7,000 and willingly give their lives for freedom. Filmed entirely in Texas, only a few miles from the site of the actual battle, The Alamo is a visually stunning and ...


Judgment at Nuremberg [Blu-ray]
Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster

Imports, 2014

Australia released blu-ray edition of the 1961 film "Judgment at Nuremberg" starring Spencer Tracy. Region A/B/C compatible. Nominated for eleven Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Judgment at Nuremberg is "magnificent"(Los Angeles Times), "continuously exciting"(The New Yorker) and boasts brilliant performances by an all-star cast. American judge Dan Haywood(Spencer Tracy) presides over the trial of four German jurists accused of ...


The Bedford Incident
Richard Widmark, Sidney Poitier

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2003

Nerve-racking suspense surrounds THE BEDFORD INCIDENT, the tale of a U.S. Naval vessel on a routineNATO patrol that ends up in a freakish showdown with a Russian submarine. Richard Widmark is Capt. Eric Finlander, the maniacal commander who drives his tense crew to the brink of nervous exhaustion.Sidney Poitier is Ben Munceford, a photojournalist aboard The Bedford, assigned to record a "typical" mission. His moral indignation is put to the test ...


The Long Ships
Richard Widmark, Sidney Poitier

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2003

THE LONG SHIPS is a rollicking, action-packed Viking adventure saga starring Richard Widmark (Best Supporting Actor Oscar(r) nominee, Kiss of Death, 1947) and Sidney Poitier (Oscar(r)-winning Best Actor,Lilies of the Field, 1963). Viking brothers Rolfe (Widmark) and Orm (Russ Tamblyn, West Side Story)steal the Norse king's funeral ship as well as his beautiful daughter, Gerda (Beba Loncar), and head off in search of the fabled "Mother of ...


TCM Spotlight: Doris Day Collection (It's a Great Feeling / Tea for Two / April in Paris / The Tunnel of Love ...
Doris Day, Dennis Morgan

Turner Classic Movie, 2009

Its A Great Feeling Spills and Chills (1949 WB Short) Bear Feat (1949 WB Cartoon) Breakdowns of 1949 (WB Short) Theatrical Trailer Tea For Two So You Want to Hold Your Husband (1950 WB Short) Tee for Two (1945 Tom and Jerry Cartoon) "No, No Nanette" Radio Show [audio only] [ from the 1949 "Railroad Hour" series, with Doris Day and Gordon MacRae] "No, No Nanette" Overture [audio only] [from lost 1930 Warner Bros. film] Theatrical ...


Warner Home Video Western Classics Collection (Escape from Fort Bravo / Many Rivers to Cross / Cimarron 1960 ...
Richard Widmark, Robert Taylor

Warner Home Video, 2008

Warner Home Video Western Classics Collection (DVD)


Broken Lance
Spencer Tracy, Robert Wagner

20th Century Fox, 2005

The feisty, domineering cattle baron Matt Devereaux (Tracy) rules his vast empire with a ruthless hand. Because Matt's greatest love id for his Indian wife, Princess (Jurado) and their son Joe, Matt's three sons from a previous marriage deeply resent them. After Joe agrees to go to jail for a crime his father commits, he returns three years later to a different world-his father has died and his vengeful brothers control the land.


How the West Was Won (Three-Disc Special Edition)
Carroll Baker, James Stewart

Warner Home Video, 2008

How the West was Won: Special Edition (3-Disc) (DVD)


Hell and High Water
Richard Widmark, Bella Darvi

20th Century Fox, 2009

Richard Widmark. An ex-Navy officer and a team of scientists travel to the North Pacific to search for Communist nuclear arsenals. What they uncover is a diabolical plot to bomb North Korea and lay the blame on the United States. 1954/color/103 min/NR/widescreen.


Talent for Loving, A   


O Henry's Full House
Fred Allen, Anne Baxter

20th Century Fox, 2006

1952 anthology film features five short stories by O. Henry, each introduced by author John Steinbeck. Each story is crafted by a different famous director, with a diverse cast that includes Marilyn Monroe, Charles Laughton, Anne Baxter, Fred Allen, and others. Among the stories is the well-known Christmas parable "The Gift of the Magi."


Twilight's Last Gleaming
Burt Lancaster, Richard Widmark

Olive Films, 2012

Legendary director Robert Aldrich (The Dirty Dozen) delivers a nail-biting thriller starring screen legend Burt Lancaster (The Professionals) in an unforgettable performance as Lawrence Dell, a highly decorated US Air Force Colonel who escaped for a military prison and with the help of three other convicts (Paul Winfield, Burt Young, William Smith). The four men take over a nuclear base and hold America hostage. This fully restored director's ...


A Gathering of Old Men
Louis Gossett Jr., Holly Hunter

Echo Bridge Home Entertainment, 2004

Louis Gossett Jr., Holly Hunter, Richard Widmark. When a racist white farmer is shot, a group of old black men take responsibility for the murder en masse. As the sheriff confronts the suspects, one young plantation owner makes a stand in their defense, bringing the racial tension to a boiling point. 1987/color/94 min/NR/fullscreen.


The Magnificent Seven / The Alamo (Double Feature)
Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen

20th Century Fox, 2007

Disc 1: The Magnificent Seven WS Disc 2: The Alamo WS


Pickup on South Street (The Criterion Collection)
Richard Widmark, Jean Peters

Criterion, 2004

Petty crook Skip McCoy (Richard Widmark) has his eyes fixed on the big score, but when he picks the purse of unsuspecting Candy (Jean Peters) he finds a haul bigger than he could imagine: a strip of microfilm bearing confidential U.S. secrets. Tailed by both Feds and the unwitting courier's Communist puppeteers, Skip and Candy find themselves in a precarious gambit that pits greed against redemption, Right versus Red, and passion against ...


Time Limit   


Halls of Montezuma
Richard Widmark, Jack Palance

20th Century Fox, 2002

Richard Widmark leads an all-star cast of leathernecks (Jack Palance, Robert Wagner, Karl Malden, Richard Boone, and Jack Webb) into battle on a heavily-fortified enemy island. Their objective is a Japanese rocket sit in the island's interior, and the combat-packed story follows the squad from beachhead to battle, as they pick their way trough enemy-infested jungles. Along the way, Widmark is transformed from a former school teacher into a ...


The Street with No Name
Mark Stevens, Richard Widmark

20th Century Fox, 2005

In one of his most chilling performances, Richard Widmark stars as Stiles, an up and coming crime boss trying to stake his claim in the criminal underworld. The FBI files are filled with many lurid crime stories. One case in particular baffles FBI Inspector Briggs (Loyed Nolan). In involves the murders of a house wife and a bank guard. Both were killed by the same gun, yet there isn't any connection between the victims. Determined to get to the ...


Road House (Fox Film Noir)
Ida Lupino, Cornel Wilde

20th Century Fox, 2008

Ida Lupino is a singer working at Richard Widmark's club. When she falls for Cornel Wilde, Widmark goes berserk.



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