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21 & Over
Miles Teller, Justin Chon

20th Century Fox, 2013

From the writers of The Hangover comes a reckless and raunchy comedy 21 years in the making! On the day before a critical med school interview, straight-A college student Jeff Chang (Justin Chong, Twilight) gets a surprise visit from his two best buds (Skylar Astin, Pitch Perfect and Miles Teller, Project X) to celebrate his 21st birthday. In no mood to party, Jeff finally agrees to a single drink, which quickly leads to an over-the-top, ...




Nine and a Half Minutes   




A Home of Our Own
Kathy Bates, Edward Furlong

MGM, 2001

Life for a single mother with six kids, no job and no place to live might be enough to break almostanyone's spirit. But for a proud and resiliant woman like Frances Lacey, it's both a challenge she embraces and a battle she refuses to lose. Starring OscarÂ(r) winner* Kathy Bates (Fried Green Tomatoes) and featuring Edward Furlong (Terminator 2) and "a supporting cast of fine young actors" ("Entertainment Today"), this "radiant [and] ...


Jane and the Truth Snake   


Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines
Stuart Whitman, Sarah Miles

20th Century Fox, 2004

This extraordinary comic version of the historic 1910 London-to-Paris air race features the greatest aviators from around the world. They all come together when a stuffy, but very rich, newspaper publisher decides to sponsor an airplane race across the English Channel. Convinced it will give his newspaper worldwide publicity, the publisher offers 10,000 pounds to the winner. The escapades between the American, British, French, German, Italian ...


Ryan's Daughter (Two-Disc Special Edition)
Robert Mitchum, Sarah Miles

Warner Home Video, 2006

Ryan's Daughter: Special Edition (Dbl DVD)


American Gangster (Unrated)   


The Ice Storm [HD]   


Eastern Promises   




Hope & Glory
David Hayman, Sebastian Rice-Edwards Sarah Miles

Imports, 2013

A semiautobiographical project by John Boorman about a nine year old boy called Bill as he grows up in London during the blitz of World War 2. For a young boy, this time in history was more...


Dandelion Dead
Michael Kitchen, Sarah Miles

Hbo Home Video, 2002

England 1921. The serenity of a small country town is about to be shattered by a shockiing revelation about one of its leading citizens. A family will be ruined. A private matter will become a case of great public interest. Life seems good for Major Herbert Armstrong. he is a respected solicitor with a country estate the love of his three children and a dvout pride in both his life and his garden. But every landscape has its challenges - and so ...


Kirk Douglas, Mia Sara

Olive Films, 2011

A 1987 major television event based on Michael Korda's novel. Queenie is reputedly a fictionalized treatment of the life of the late actress Merle Oberon, who was married to Korda's uncle, Alexander Korda. The story deals with an exotic young girl who rises from the slums of Calcutta to the brink of international stardom, but who is haunted by her past. Directed by Larry Peerce (The Other Side of the Mountain), this spectacular production was ...


P.D. James - A Certain Justice
Roy Marsden, Penny Downie

PBS, 2005

Top flight criminal attorney Venetia Aldridge (Penny Downie), a high-profile woman with an abrasive reputation and turbulent private life, has been found dead in her office, stabbed through the heart with her own paper knife. Commander Dalgliesh and his team are called to investigate the murder. As Dalgliesh and Detective Inspector Kate Miskin (Sarah Winman) unravel the complex clues to Venetia's bizarre death, the other members of her ...


21 & Over   


National Lampoon's Van Wilder   


Blow Up
David Hemmings, Vanessa Redgrave

Warner Home Video, 2008

Taking photographs of a couple making love proves deadly when the photographer enlarges the image and discovers murder. The film and pictures are stolen from his studio and the body vanishes. In this elegant balance of deciet and trickery, the photographer must question the reality of what he has actually seen.


The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing
Sarah Miles, Lee J. Cobb, George Hamilton Burt Reynolds

Warner Bros., 2009

On the run from her cold-hearted husband, Catherine Crocker witnesses a daring train robbery. The robbers are forced to take her prisoner, riding deep into untamed territory pursued by a posse led by a determined Wells Fargo agent - and Catherine's husband. A stellar cast powers this sweeping, elegiac ode to the West. Burt Reynolds plays gang leader Jay, a laconic war hero with a mysterious past. Sarah Miles is Catherine, first repelled by her ...



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