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Operation Crossbow   


Desire Under The Elms   


Houseboat [HD]   


Man of La Mancha   


Sunflower (English Subtitled)   


Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow   




Marriage Italian Style (English Subtitled)   


Boccaccio '70 [HD]   


Grumpier Old Men   


It Started in Naples   


The Priest's Wife   


Fall of the Roman Empire   


Gregory Peck, Sophia Loren

Universal Studios, 2011

Enter the world of Arabesque – a high-speed, high-class tale of international intrigue starring Academy Award winners Gregory Peck and Sophia Loren. In this exciting romantic thriller, an American hieroglyphics professor (Peck) is hired by a mysterious Arab oil magnate to decipher a secret message. When the hidden meaning is revealed, the chase is on as he and the oil magnate’s exotic yet unpredictable companion (Loren) find themselves ...




Brass Target
John Cassavetes, George Kennedy, Robert Vaughn, Patrick Mcgoohan, Bruce Davison, Edward Herrmann, Max Von Sydow Sophia Loren

Warner Archive, 2012

Who stole $250 million in Nazi gold? And who killed General George S. Patton to get away with it? A chilling suspense thriller, Brass Target makes the convincing case that these two actual events - the theft of the bullion and Patton's death ("officially" killed in an auto accident) - were not coincidental. Was Patton assassinated? Grisly fact or engrossing fiction? The all-star "top brass" cast includes Sophia Loren as a mysterious refugee, ...


El Cid (Two-Disc Deluxe Edition)
Charlton Heston, Sophia Loren

Miriam Collection, 2008

Anthony Mann masterfully directs this classic tale of the 11th-century hero (Heston) who fought to unite Spain. Known as history’s "compassionate warrior," the film follows El Cid’s remarkable journey from peace-broker accused of treason to the King’s fighting champion, and later from exiled hero to legendary martyr.


A Breath of Scandal   


The Key   


The Black Orchid   



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