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Jet Pink (Clamshell) / Animated [VHS]

MGM (Video & DVD), 1998

Jet Pink (Clamshell) / Animated [VHS] Release Date: 1998-09-01, Rating: NR (Not Rated)


Pete's Dragon (clamshell pkg)
Helen Reddy, Jim Dale

Walt Disney Home Video

This heartwarming musical blends animation and music to highlight the story of a young boy who is befriended by a delightful dragon. The film features charming performances from Mickey Rooney, Helen Reddy, Jim Dale, Shelley Winters, and the great Red Buttons. An ITA Award winner. Academy Award Nominations: Best Original Song ("Candle on the Water"), Best Original Song Score.


Pink Elephant (Clamshell) / Animated [VHS]
Dave Barry, Mel Blanc

MGM (Video & DVD), 1998

The pink panther is in for a trunkful of trouble when an enormously eager elephant follows him home from the zoo.


The Living Dead (Adam Curtis) [Clamshell Case], 1995

The Living Dead, a three-hour series, was the second major documentary by Adam Curtis, shown on the BBC in 1995. It explores how those who aim for control over us manipulate our past. "On the Desperate Edge of Now" investigates the way the national memory was altered between the Nuremberg Trials and the onset of the Cold War. In "You Have Used Me as a Fish Long Enough," Curtis finds the attempt to doctor individual memory with drugs was ...


When Time Ran Out... (clamshell)
Valentina Cortese, Veronica Hamel

Warner, 1986

Warner Clamshell Edition~~~~Plot Summary for When Time Ran Out... (1980) Tourists are surprised by a volcanic eruption in a lonesome hotel in the Caribic. The hotel owner ignores all warnings and advises his guests to wait for a rescue team. Only a small group follows expert Hank to reach higher regions. They start an adventurous journey across the island. Summary written by Tom Zoerner


Heidi (colorized) [clamshell] [VHS]
Shirley Temple, Jean Hersholt

20th Century Fox, 2000

One thing Shirley Temple did extremely well (besides sing, dance, and act) was turn the cranky cuddly. She'd done it effectively, two years prior, in 1935's The Little Colonel with grandfather Lionel Barrymore. Now in Heidi she turns her reclusive grumpy grandfather, Adolf (Jean Hersholt), into the loving sort she knows he really is. Heidi is an orphan, dumped into the Swiss Alps by self-centered Aunt Dete (Mady Christians) onto a ...


Return of the BLACK STALLION - Clamshell

Alternative Distribution, Ltd & Sterling Entertainment, 2004

Alec Ramsay and Henry Daily return to the screen alongside their loyal companion, The Black, a smooth wild stallion and fastest racehorse in the world. Watch as this unbeatable team works together to overcome adversity and solve all kinds of mysteries.


Maggie and the Ferocious Beast - The Big Carrot (CLAMSHELL), 2003

Maggie, Hamilton and the Beast come upon a gigantic carrot, and a very strange little rabbit named Nedley who speaks in rhymes. Nedley is too small to pull up the big carrot, so Maggie, Hamilton and the Beast give him a hand. When they finally haul the carrot out of the ground it doesn't prove to be as delicious as expected, so they turn it into a great big birdhouse.


Ransom of Red Chief (Clamshell) [VHS]
Michael Jeter

Uav Corporation, 2004

In this uproarious action-comedy, two bumbling ne’er-do-wells, Sam (Christopher Lloyd) and Bill (Michael Jeter) kidnap Andy Dorset (Academy Award nominee, Haley Joel Osment), the mischievous nine year old son of Ambrose Dorset, a pompous banker and civic leader. Andy is convinced by the duo that he involved in a madcap adventure and pretends to be Red Chief, a fierce Indian warrior. Andy is known for his wild imagination, so when his father ...


Honey I Blew Up the Kid [Clamshell Case] [VHS]
Rick Moranis, Marcia Strassman

Walt Disney Video, 1997

Honey I Blew Up the Kid [Clamshell Case] [VHS]


Pink Bananas (Clamshell) / Animated [VHS]

MGM (Video & DVD), 1998



Babe (Clamshell) [VHS]
James Cromwell, Magda Szubanski

Universal Studios, 2003



The Rescuers Down Under (original clamshell edition)
George C. Scott Tristan Rogers

Walt Disney Home Video, 1990

Cody, a boy from Mugwomp Flats responds to a distress call about a trapped giant Golden Eagle called Marahute. Freeing her, he gains a close friendship with the bird. However, Cody is soon abducted by the murderous poacher, Percival McLeach, who is after that bird which is of a highly endangered species and therefore an extremely profitable quarry. In a panic, a mouse Cody freed from one of McLeach's traps sends a desperate call for help to the ...


Sergeant York Special Clamshell Case w/ Booklet VHS Release

Key Video

Gary Cooper becpmes Alvin York a backwoods boy from Tennessee whose sharpshooting skills hunting rabbits found their mark in the fields of France during World War I.


The New Adventures of William Tell [CLAMSHELL] [VHS]

? 1995 Video Treasures, Inc., 1995

Factory sealed clam shell VHS w/ tear on cover.


Animal Adaptations (VHS) Elementary School - Discovery School - (Clamshell) - TLC

Discovery Channel - TLC, 1997

In the Galapagos Islands, Charles Darwin observed how animals had adapted to succeed in their environments and was inspired to develop his theory of evolution. Today, in the Antarctic, emperor penguins display their own adaptations that help them survive in that frigid environment. Explore the islands of the Galapagos and the world of a penguin in this two-segment videotape. Seg 1: Galapagos Seg 2: Emperors of Antarctica


The NUTCRACKER - The Royal Ballet Covent Garden (Clamshell)

HBO Video, National Video Corp, Ltd & Royal Opera House, 1985

Herr Drosselmeyer, a maker of magical toys and clocks, once invented a trap that killed many mice. In revenge, the Queen of the Mice cast a spell turning his nephew into an ugly nutcracker doll. To break the spell, the Nutcracker must slay the Mouse King and - despite his awful appearance - win the love of a young girl.


World's Greatest Train Ride Videos -- Germany -- Experience the Breathtaking Excitement of Authentic Train ...

World's Greatest Train Ride Videos -- Germany -- Experience the Breathtaking Excitement of Authentic Train Travel -- VHS in Clamshell


Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen: So Little Time, Vol. 4 - Hangin' Out (Clamshell Case) [VHS]
Mary-Kate Olsen, Ashley Olsen

Warner Home Video, 2003

When the school bell rings at 3 o'clock, the lessons are just beginning! Join Riley and Chloe Carlson (Mary-Kate and Ashley) after school as they test their skills at odd jobs. What will happen? In this hysterical collection of episodes from the hit television series So Little Time, Riley and Chloe roll up their high-fashion sleeves to take on the unglamorous work-a-day world. Whether it's cheering up grumpy old men, collecting trash, fixing a ...


Little Women (Clamshell Case)
Winona Ryder, Gabriel Byrne

Columbia Pictures

VHS Tape



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