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    Star Wars Trilogy [VHS]
Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford

20th Century Fox, 1995

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away



    The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: Men of the Hour: Muhammad Ali & Hank Aaron
Dean Martin, Muhammad Ali


The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: Men of the Hour: Muhammad Ali & Hank Aaron The Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: Men of the Hour: Muhammad Ali & Hank Aaron



    Beauty and the Beast (A Walt Disney Classic) [VHS]
David Ogden Stiers, Jerry Orbach

Walt Disney Home Video, 1992

Disney's Classic



    Pokemon - The Johto Journeys - A Brand New World (Vol. 39) [VHS]
Veronica Taylor, Rachael Lillis

Viz Video, 2001

Taken on its own terms, Pokémon is an agreeable if somewhat cutesy children's entertainment that emphasizes friendship, perseverance, and good sportsmanship. These new adventures (the third television series) take Ash, Misty, and Brock to the land of Johto, where they encounter new Pokémon and people, including Professor Elm, a former student of Professor Oak. (Professor Elm gives first-time trainers their initial Pokémon in Johto.) In "The ...



    CNN's Millennium Boxed Set [VHS]

Warner Home Video, 1999

A thousand years in 10 hours is an ambitious project, to say the least. But the team at CNN succeeds with its now-typical aplomb, as the team that brought us Cold War shares with us Millennium . "We know the history of our own country," narrator Ben Kingsley intones. But this series purports to give us "history from a global perspective, not through the eyes of the West." Using reenactments and impressive computer graphics--used with ...



    Lady and the Tramp [VHS]
Barbara Luddy, Larry Roberts

Walt Disney Video, 1998

Generations of fan have fallen in love with walt disney 15th animated masterpiece an irresistible song-filled adventure about lady, a lovingly pampered cocker spaniel, and tramp, a roguish mutt from across the tracks. As one of disney's most delightful and captivating classics, lady and the tramp has earned praise as a marvel of animation. When aunt sarah moves in with her devious felines si and am to baby sit, the very protective lady soon ...



    Finding Nemo [VHS]
Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres

Walt Disney Video, 2003

After his son is captured in the Great Barrier Reef and taken to Sydney, a timid clownfish sets out on a journey to bring him home.



    Castle Freak [Blu-ray]
Barbra Crampton, Jonathan Fuller Jeffrey Combs


Stuart Gordon takes you on a pulse pounding roller- coaster ride in Castle Freak. one of the most macabre thrillers you'll ever experience. John Reilly (Jeffrey Combs - Re-Animator), Susan (Barbara Crampton - Young & The Restless) and their daughter come face to face with terror when they travel to Italy to move into a castle they have inherited. They soon discover it is haunted by a relentless blood- thirsty creature. When mutilated bodies ...



    The Eddy Duchin Story [VHS]
Tyrone Power, Kim Novak

Sony Pictures, 1994

New VHS Tape (as shown) "The Eddy Duchin Story [VHS]" FAST shipping...(A16)



    Story of English 9 [VHS]

Homevision, 2000

Latin, now considered "dead," was once a universal language. Does a similar fate await English?



    Love With the Proper Stranger [VHS]
Natalie Wood, Steve McQueen

Paramount Home Video, 1998

Angie Rossini is an innocent (Italian Catholic) Macy's salesgirl, who discovers she's pregnant from a fling with Rocky, a musician. Angie finds Rocky (who doesn't remember her at first) to tell him she's pregnant and needs a doctor for an abortion. He finds her a doctor and they work together to raise the money. Can these two strangers find love with one another before it's too late?



    Brazilian Dance Workout [VHS]
Vanessa Isaac

Hip Brazil, 2002

Inspired by Brazilian dance styles this video is a fun and effective workout. It brings together the rhythms and energy of Afro-Brazilian percussion and the sensuality of Brazilian dance! Filmed in a beautiful outdoor setting, this video will inspire you to shape up! The Brazilian Dance workout is a energetic 60 min. cardio workout for all fitness levels. The easy-to-follow workout combines the rich and intoxicating dances and rhythms of ...



    Abs of Steel: Intense Abdominal Workout [VHS]
Tamilee Webb

Warnervision, 1991

Brand New!!! VHS TAPE Factory Sealed (as shown) "Abs of Steel: Intense Abdominal Workout [VHS]" Fast shipping..(JC-24)



    Jackie Chan's First Strike [VHS]
Jackie Chan, Jackson Liu

New Line Home Video, 1997

Action-god Jackie Chan does his best James Bond impression with this ecstatic sequel to the classic Supercop . The bare-bones plot has Chan in pursuit of international terrorists, but the narrative quickly gives way to an unceasing barrage of insane stunt work (including a nitro-fueled ski chase and a grandiose fight scene set inside a functioning shark tank). As with most of the aging star's recent films, there is more of an emphasis placed on ...



    The Pirate Fairy (Blu-ray / DVD + Digital Copy)

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, 2014

From the world of Peter Pan comes The Pirate Fairy, a swashbuckling new adventure about Zarina (voice of Christina Hendricks), a smart and ambitious dust-keeper fairy who’s captivated by Blue Pixie Dust and its endless possibilities. When Zarina’s wild ideas get her into trouble, she flees Pixie Hollow and joins forces with the scheming pirates of Skull Rock, who make her captain of their ship. Tinker Bell (voice of Mae Whitman) and her ...



    The Irish Tenors - Live From Belfast [VHS]

Music Matters, 2000

The popular group of three Irish tenors performs a lively program of ballads, folk songs, and Irish standards before an appreciative audience in Belfast. Ronan Tynan, Anthony Kearns, and Finbar Wright perform together and in solo spots (and John McDermott, who has performed with the group previously, sings two songs during a solo guest appearance). Decked out in cutaway coats and surrounded by an orchestra, the singers give full voice to such ...



    Pokémon: The First Movie [VHS]
Veronica Taylor, Rachael Lillis

Warner Home Video, 2000

This is the first movie of Pokemon and also includes the first battle between Mewtwo and Mew!



    Cry-Baby [VHS]
Johnny Depp, Ricki Lake

Universal Studios, 1998

John Waters's goofy, 1990 comedy about a Baltimore girl (Amy Locane) who can't decide if she should remain "good" in her 1954 world or hang out with the motorcycle boys is funny in a scene-by-scene way, but doesn't quite gel into the grand piece the director was hoping for. The cast is exceptionally likable, however, including Johnny Depp as an Elvis type and Iggy Pop as a chattering loony. The best material is set in a fringe world of bikers ...



    Encounter At Farpoint (Part 1 & 2) [HD]   



    WWF Survivor Series 1998 - Deadly Games [VHS]

WWF Home Video, 1999



    Ski School [VHS]
Dean Cameron, Tom Bresnahan

Hbo Home Video, 2001



    Support Your Local Sheriff [VHS]
James Garner, Joan Hackett

United Artists, 2000

James Garner stars as Jason McCullough in this hilarious Western spoof....



    Jane Fonda Am/Pm Yoga For Beginners [HD]   



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