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An Introduction To Canoe/Kayak Camping   


Calculus Tutor: Introduction To Integrals   


Introduction To Sacred Geometry   


Lesson 1 [HD]   


INSANITY Sanity Check DVD Workout: An Introduction to INSANITY

Beachbody Inc.,

Beachbody Inc.,

Introduce yourself to INSANITY with this "not-so-crazy" 26-minute workout. Doing Sanity Check every day for one week before starting the full 60 days of the INSANITY base kit is the best way to prepare your mind and body for the challenges to come. Shaun T takes you through each INSANITY move step-by-step, teaching you how to control your body and perfect your technique, so you'll be ready to go longer, push harder, and get in the absolute best ...


Introduction to the 14 Wonders of the World & The Great Pyramid at Giza   


Mindlessness: The Default Setting [HD]   


Probability & Statistics Tutor: Random Variables & Introduction to Probability Distributions   


Lesson 2 (Institutional Use) [HD]   


Massage - An Introduction   


Introduction to THE CARDS OF LIFE: Discover Your Cards-Your Life-Your Destiny!   


Introduction To The Conga Drum
Mike Spiro

Sher Music Co, 2008

Michael Spiro's new instructional DVD, Introduction To The Conga Drum is for beginners, or anyone needing a solid foundation in good conga drum technique. Introduction To The Conga Drum is the first comprehensive DVD designed to show beginning conga drummers all the basics of how to play the drum correctly. It will become the standard video on the subject for years to come. In Part I, Spiro shows exactly how to execute the six fundamental ...


An Introduction to Chinese Brush Painting
Jane Evans

Kultur Video, 2006

This film gives the aspiring artist a taste of the exciting possibilities offered by Chinese Brush Painting. The exercises concentrate on the painting of flowers. The demonstrations include the painting of a bird, followed by a fish, a duck, a panda, rocks, and finally a landscape painting.


On Freddie Roach 01 [HD]   


Introduction to Clear's Silat 1 Hit (touch) Knockouts   


David Garrigues An Introduction to Ashtanga: Beginning the Primary Series   


Belonging [HD]   


Mantra Girl Presents - An Introduction to Kundalini Yoga and Chanting
Erin Kamler

Mantra Girl Lifestyles/ Adamas Records, 2004

Accessible to all levels, this comprehensive class will help you strengthen your body, increase flexibility, relax and cultivate a clearer, more focused mind. Using music from her album Mantra Girl, Erin will lead you through chanting meditations to balance the chakras and cultivate prosperity. A perfect video for the beginning yogini.


Jason Ellis [HD]   


Champagne Journal Part I: Introduction, Chateau de Versailles   



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