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Introduction to Speed Reading and Rapid Analytical Reading   


Massage - An Introduction   


Introduction to the 14 Wonders of the World & The Great Pyramid at Giza   


Introduction To Sacred Geometry   


Introduction to Pilates - Mat Work   


Calculus Tutor: Introduction To Integrals   


INSANITY Sanity Check DVD Workout: An Introduction to INSANITY

Beachbody Inc.,

Beachbody Inc.,

Introduce yourself to INSANITY with this "not-so-crazy" 26-minute workout. Doing Sanity Check every day for one week before starting the full 60 days of the INSANITY base kit is the best way to prepare your mind and body for the challenges to come. Shaun T takes you through each INSANITY move step-by-step, teaching you how to control your body and perfect your technique, so you'll be ready to go longer, push harder, and get in the absolute best ...


Bandura's Social Cognitive Theory: An Introduction   


Introduction to Airbrush   


Probability & Statistics Tutor: Random Variables & Introduction to Probability Distributions   


Vygotsky's Developmental Theory: An Introduction   


Introduction to the Canon 5D Mark III: Advanced Topics   


Ashtanga Yoga: Introduction
Richard Freeman

Sounds True, 2004

Foundational techniques that combine breath, movement, and meditation to help you develop strength, flexibility, and self-observation.


Introduction to Qi Yoga   


The Way We Live: Introduction to Sociology
Peter Berger, Michael Mann

INTELECOM Intelligent Telecommunications, 2005

The Way We Live is a comprehensive introduction to Sociology in 22 half-hour episodes. Real-world examples in each episode, called Slice of Life, focus on real people and issues and foster better understanding of key concepts in Sociology. Explore the rich tapestry, diversity, and commonality of the human experience, learn to think critically about the challenging issues of our time, and develop a solid understanding of the groups, ...


Introduction to the Nikon D5100: Basic Controls   


Sign Language Series Lessons 1-4: Introduction to Sign Language, Signs You Know, Basic Conversation   


Introduction to the Canon PowerShot A570is / A630 / A640 / A710is   


The Video Math Tutor: Algebra: Introduction to Algebra (NTSC)   


Introduction to the Canon 5D Mark III: Basic Controls   



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book: Methodologies for transient simulation of hybrid electromagnetic/circuit ...

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