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Robot Adventures - Introduction to Robotics   


An Introduction to Policy Debate with Christy Shipe

Home School Legal Defense Association, 2012

Geared toward beginning debaters, this 2012 3-disc set replaces Home School Legal Defense Associations's previous 1997 Introduction to Argumentation & Debate DVD set. Consisting of completely fresh footage with subtitling, the new production is designed to be used as a chapter-by-chapter companion to Christy Shipe's textbook, An Introduction to Policy Debate . In this series, Christy provides helpful practical application of the ...


David Garrigues An Introduction to Ashtanga: Beginning the Primary Series   


Introduction to the 14 Wonders of the World & The Great Pyramid at Giza   


Calculus Tutor: Introduction To Integrals   


Probability & Statistics Tutor: Random Variables & Introduction to Probability Distributions   


Yoga Zone - Introduction to Yoga (Beginners)
Alan Finger


Yoga Zone - Introduction to Yoga (Beginners)


Lesson 1 [HD]   


Massage - An Introduction   


Inside Out: Introduction to Psychology
Noam Chomsky, David Myers

INTELECOM Intelligent Telecommunications, 2006

Inside Out offers a comprehensive introduction to psychology that goes beyond key concepts and principles to provide viewers an up-to-date look at the evolving world of psychological science. Each episode combines interviews with leading experts and researchers, computer graphics and animation, and real-life case studies. Bonus footage, called Find Out More, encourages viewers to further explore key concepts. Explore the mysteries of the mind ...


Introduction to Airbrush   


Introduction to Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 - Windows 7 Edition   


Jason Ellis [HD]   


No Introduction Necessary   


Bandura's Social Cognitive Theory: An Introduction   


On Freddie Roach 01 [HD]   


Introduction to Broker Order Forms   


Introduction to the Nikon D60 Digital SLR   


Introduction to Microsoft Office Excel 2010 - Windows 7 Edition   


Sign Language Series Lessons 1-4: Introduction to Sign Language, Signs You Know, Basic Conversation   



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