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The 17 Year Itch   


Thomas Jefferson - A Film by Ken Burns

PBS, 2004

Returning from France, Jefferson strives to preserve the fragile new U.S. government and helps create the first political party, in bitter struggles with the Federalists. He becomes vice president in 1797, and the third U.S. president in 1801. His Louisiana Purchase doubles the nation's size, but he faces controversy and scandal, finally retiring to his beloved Monticello in 1809.


Jefferson In Paris   


Seeing Other People [HD]   


Thomas Jefferson

History / A&E, 2011

Thomas Jefferson is the most researched, most written about, most referenced, and most quoted of our Founding Fathers. And yet, somehow, he remains the most stubbornly inscrutable. His life is a seemingly impenetrable thicket of contradictions: he enshrined the words All Men are Created Equal, and yet was a lifelong slave-owner; he was simultaneously a man of the people and the personification of the Virginia aristocrat; he was a die-hard ...


The Jeffersons - The Complete First Season
Isabel Sanford, Sherman Hemsley

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, 2002

13 episodes on 2 DVDs. Color/6 hrs/NR/fullscreen.




Thomas Jefferson: Part 1   


24 Hours   


Fatal Retraction [HD]   


Fatal Retraction   




John Adams & Thomas Jefferson   


DreamWorks Madly Madagascar Digital Deluxe Edition [HD]   


Carrie (2013)   


Children of Sorrow   


The Jeffersons Seasons 1 & 2
Isabel Sanford, Sherman Hemsley

Mill Creek Entertainment, 2014

Moving On Up with Seasons One & Two! Come home to your deluxe apartment in the sky and revisit all 37 episodes from the hilarious first and second seasons of The Jeffersons , one of the most beloved, groundbreaking and longest-running sitcoms in TV history. Join the jive-talkin', dry-cleaning king George Jefferson, his no-nonsense wife Weezy , acid-tongued matriarch Mother Jefferson, and the rest of the gang as they serve up the very ...


Throttle (aka E-5)   


Louise's Old Boyfriend   


Backroads and Lilies [HD]   



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