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They Were There: Remembering The Civil Rights Movement   


Chasing the Devil: Inside the Ex-Gay Movement   


Athletic Body in Balance DVD
Gray Cook

Human Kinetics, Inc., 2005

You work out and train hard. You know you can reach that next level of performance. But are you doing all that you can to get there? Adding absolute strength and power often creates muscle imbalances and mobility limitations that cause injuries and limit skill training. The Athletic Body in Balance DVD is the first of its kind to show how to identify and correct muscle imbalances, mobility restrictions, and stability problems. Host Gray ...


Baby Playpen Intro to Color Movement And Games Episode 1 [HD]   


Firing Line with William F. Buckley Jr. "Muhammad Ali and the Negro Movement"   


American Refugees: Homelessness in Four Movements   


Firing Line with William F. Buckley Jr. "How Does It Go with the Black Movement?"   


Yoga for Movement Disorders; Rebuilding Strength, Balance, and Flexibility for Parkinson's Disease and ...
Renee Le Verrier

LIM Yoga, 2011

This video guides viewers through a series of yoga poses and sequences specifically designed for people with Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders. This two-hour video includes: warm-up series; morning, afternoon, and evening flows; sun salutation. There are standing and seated versions of each, as well as tips concerning balance, posture, and tremor. Expanding on the award-winning book, Yoga for Movement Disorders, this DVD can be ...


Baby Playpen Intro to Color Movement And Games Episode 4 [HD]   


Baby Playpen Intro to Color Movement And Games [HD]   


Brownian Movement
Sandra Hüller, Dragan Bakema

First Run Features, 2014

Charlotte is a young doctor living in Brussels with her husband, Max, and their son. She leads a normal, harmonious life - except for the fact that she secretly maintains an apartment where she has sex with her patients, selecting them as if setting up a scientific experiment. When Max finds out about this unusual situation, their relationship is put to the test.




27th ways of Wudang Sword Movement   


Move It! Expressive Movements with Classical Music [DVD & CD]

Gia Publications, 2008


Dressage Movements Revealed ; Biomechanical Concepts and Bodywork-Using the Masterson Method - Jim Masterson ..., 2013

Dressage Movements Revealed (DVD) Biomechanical Concepts and Bodywork-Using the Masterson Method Jim Masterson with Susan Harris, Betsy Steiner & Coralie Hughes The creator of the Masterson Method brings you a new instructional DVD that addresses the unique expectations and demands put on the horse's physiology as he moves up through the different levels and movements of dressage. Here you discover what goes on with the horse's body during ...


Let Freedom Sing! Music Of The Civil Rights: Let Freedom Sing: How Music Inspired the Civil Rights Movement   


Awakening [HD]   


Abomination: Homosexuality and the Ex-Gay Movement   


Resistance Movement
Joseph Branca, Caleb Jenson

A Friday Feature Productions Film, 2013

Resistance Movement tells the true story of the youngest known resistance group of World War II. When German teenagers Rudi Wobbe, Helmuth Hu bener, and Karl Heinz Schnibbe listen to illegal radio broadcasts from England, they learn that the Nazis have been lying. Determined to spread the truth, Helmuth develops a plan to spread anti Nazi leaflets throughout Hamburg. Fifteen year old Rudi idealistically believes their small group can make a ...


Pattern Is Movement   



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