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Glen Campbell, Christopher Plummer

Samuel Goldwyn Company, The, 2005

During a fierce thunderstorm, a mother tries to comfort her frightened young son, Edmond, by reading him the story of Rock-a-Doodle, about a big ol' singing rooster named Chanticleer who oversleeps and fails to wake the farm before the sun rises. When the other farm animals tease and laugh at him, Chanticleer's feelings get hurt so he packs his belongings and heads for the nearest metropolis, where he becomes a famous rock star. But it seems he ...


Spike Jones
Spike Jones, Helen Grayco

TGG Direct, 2014

Spike Jones Dubbed the 'Master of Musical Mayhem' by Rolling Stone, comedic bandleader Spike Jones and the City Slickers were hugely popular in the 40's, 50's and 60's, known for wacky skits and zany renditions of the day s most popular songs. An accomplished musician, Spike was a true innovator whose comedic madness was lightyears ahead of his time directly influencing such iconoclasts as Frank Zappa, Ernie Kovacs, 'Weird Al' Yankovic, Stan ...


Pebble & The Penguin/ Rock-A-Doodle (Two-Pack)

MGM (Video & DVD), 2010

The Pebble And The Penguin From the majestic landscape of a frozen land comes a beloved animated adventure to warm everyone's heart. Featuring the incomparable songs of Barry Manilow and Bruce Sussman, and the voice talents of Martin Short, James Belushi, Tim Curry and Annie Golden, this animated tale from the creator of The Secret of NIMH is a magical musical treat for all. Rock-A-Doodle During a fierce thunderstorm, a mother tries to comfort ...


Doodlebops: Rock and Bop With the Doodlebops
Lisa Lennox, Chad McNamara

Lions Gate, 2006

Go on tour with kids' favorite music band, The Doodlebops, for a musically fun learning adventure! Get on the bus with Deedee, Rooney and Moe as you go looking high and low for inspirational new sounds. Come make music with The Doodlebops.


HooplaKidz Nursery Rhymes Premium DVD Set

YoBoHo New Media, 2014

The HooplaKidz nursery rhyme series is a collection of popular nursery rhymes, both original and those brought from generation to generation, that remains a child's most coveted treasure of fun and pleasure even today. With mesmerizing sounds, magical melodies and colorful animation which are not only captivating, but entertaining as well. Hooplakidz nursery rhymes promises to help in your child's development and spatial reasoning. Enjoy the ...


Rock-a-Doodle 12" Laserdisc
Glen Campbell, Sandy Duncan

Samuel Goldwyn Home Entertainment, 1990

The animation genius of Don Bluth brings a bedtime story to animated life in this rockin'musical adventure that's fun for the entire family. Edmond's mother is reading him a bedtime story of a rooster who sings to make the sun shine, while outside their farm is being flooded by a terrible storm. Hoping to save the family farm from flooding, Edmond calls on his story's rooster, Chanticleer, to come save them. But the evil owl, Grand Duke, has ...


Rock-a-doodle DVD (1992)

Don Bluth's lavish animated musical Rock-A-Doodle was not a success when it was released in 1992. It's not hard to understand why: the film varies wildly in tone and the story makes little sense. In the live-action prologue, a little boy named Edmo


The Brave Little Toaster
Jon Lovitz, Timothy E. Day

Walt Disney Home Entertainment, 2003

THE BRAVE LITTLE TOASTER is the award-winning animated tale of friendship, loyalty, and courage that has become a huge favorite with young and old alike! Five electrical appliances suddenly feel dumped when their young master mysteriously disappears! The dejected toaster rounds up the vacuum cleaner, electric blanket, and bedside lamp and radio, and together, they set off for the big city in search of their beloved owner! Featuring the voices of ...


A Troll in Central Park
Philip Glasser, Cloris Leachman

20th Century Fox, 2002

Stanley is a kindhearted, popular troll who can reate flowers with a mere touch. When Gnorga, the mean-spirited Queen of the Kingdom of Trolls discovers Stanley's secret, however, she banishes him to a faraway place where she assumes nothing green can grow - New York City! Taking refuge in Central Park, Stanley befriends two young children, Gus and his baby sister Rosie. The three share wonderful adventures until Gnorga decides to let her ...



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