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Ruthless Tommy/Moose Country   


Doug: The Complete Nickelodeon Series
Billy West, Becca Lish

Nickelodeon, 2014

Tune in to over 20 hours of Doug Funnie, the new kid in Bluffington. His life may appear to be pretty average, but with the help of his friends Skeeter and Beebe, his crush Patti Mayonnaise, the school bully Roger, and his trusty journal, it's anything but! Check out these 52 episodes for some righteous rock and roll from Doug and Skeeter's favorite band, the Beets, fly off on crime fighting crusades when Doug imagines that he and his dog, ...


Baby Commercial/Little Dude   


Toy Palace/Sand Ho!   


Rugrats: Tales from the Crib: Three Jacks and a Bean Stalk   


Rugrats: Tales from the Crib: Snow White   


Susie Sings The Blues   


Tommy's First Birthday   


Rocko's Modern Life: The Complete Series
Carlos Alazraqui, Tom Kenny

Shout! Factory, 2013

All 4 Complete Seasons! 52 Episodes! Extras! Original Art By Joe Murray! What’s a wallaby to do when he’s surrounded by annoying neighbors, freeloading pals, heaps of laundry and the weight of life in general? Why, turn to his loyal canine, Spunky, dim-witted best pal, Heffer and neurotic nay-sayer Filburt to help him confront the trials and tribulations of modern life. Created by Joe Murray ( Camp Lazlo, Frog In A Suit ) and ...


Bad Company   


Rugrats Season 1 (3 Disc Set)
Melanie Chartoff, Michael Bell

Nickelodeon, 2009

What's better than a clean diapee and a fresh bottle? How about the first-ever, 25-episode, 4-disc set of the complete First Season of Rugrats! It's Tommy, Angelica, Chuckie and the rest of the gang, taking you on adventures from the ground up. So c'mon, don't be a baby. Sit back and laugh along as the Rugrats turn the ordinary into the extraordinary; where a trip into the basement becomes a scene out of a Jules Verne classic and a broken lamp ...


Hey Arnold! The Complete Series
Dan Castellaneta

Shout! Factory, 2014


Barbeque/Waiter, There's a Baby in My Soup   


Interview With A Campfire   


Diaper Change Part 1   




The Angry Beavers: The Complete Series
Richard Steven Horvitz, Nick Bakay

Shout! Factory, 2013

When twin beavers Norbert and Daggett leave their home for a house on a lake and begin living the lifestyle of wild and crazy bachelors, hilarity and chronic dishevelment is bound to ensue…And while living on a lake in the middle of nowhere sounds tranquil enough, the Beavers have a knack for getting into some very odd situations. Dag and Norb encounter everything from wacko government scientists and a swamp witch to the dreaded stinky toe and ...


Aaahh!!! Real Monsters: The Complete Series
Charles Adler, Christine Cavanaugh

Shout! Factory, 2013

All 52 frighteningly funny episodes! Meet Ickis, Oblina and Krumm, three young monsters at the scariest school you ve ever seen! When they’re not studying the best methods of frightening humans from their headmaster, The Gromble, the trio is facing off against Simon, the most determined monster-hunter in town! Can they keep the secrets of the monsters safe while on their crazy adventures? One of Nickelodeon’s flagship programs, the ...


Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster/Twins' Pique   


Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Season 1
Ross Hull, Raine Pare-Coull

Nickelodeon, 2014

Try not to have nightmares from these 13 spine-chilling episodes – the complete 1st Season – of Are You Afraid of the Dark! Gather 'round the campfire to hear all about haunted clowns, a murderous riddle, a ghostly prom, possessed spirits, and much more. Disc 1: The Tale of the Phantom Cab The Tale of Laughing in the Dark The Tale of the Lonely Ghost The Tale of the Twisted Claw The Tale of the Hungry Hounds The Tale of the Super Specs ...



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