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Pitch Perfect   


March of Crimes   


The Silence of E. Lamb   


Whirly Girlie   


21 Jump Street   


Miss Me X 100   


Patch Adams - Collector's Edition
Robin Williams, Monica Potter

Universal Studios, 2002

Meet Patch Adams (Academy Award-winner Robin Williams), a doctor who doesn't look, act or think like any doctor you've met before. For Patch, humor is the best medicine, and he's willing to do just about anything to make his patients laugh - even if it means risking his own career. Based on a true story, Patch Adams combines sidesplitting humor with an inspiring story that transcends the traditional comedy.


EscApe from New York   


A Dark Ali   


Surfing the After Shocks   


Pilot [HD]   


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire   


Season 4 Zombie School   


The Amazing Spider-Man   


Thrown from the Ride   


Scream for Me   


Run Ali Run   


Dead Poets Society
Robin Williams, Robert Sean Leonard

Touchstone Home Entertainment, 1998

In an age defined by crew cuts, sport coats, and cheerless conformity, he not only broke the mold ... he reinvented it. Academy Award(R) winner Robin Williams (Best Supporting Actor, GOOD WILL HUNTING, 1997) delivers an extraordinary performance in one of the most compelling motion pictures of all time. Williams stars as English professor John Keating, a passionate iconoclast who changes his students' lives forever when he challenges them to ...




Captain America: The First Avenger   



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